Usability Tips For Website Billing Forms

A good commerce site is going to have a straightforward, logical path to bring the customer from the shopping cart to the eventual purchase. This can vary from one commerce site to the next, owing to what the individual is buying, and what they intend to do with their purchase, but the end result should be the same with any site. Customers should feel confident about their order. They should also feel as though they are on a fast, simple track to finalizing their purchase.

Tips To Improve The Usability Of Website Billing Forms

Website Billing FormsConsidering how little time we seem to have to even shop online these days, it’s more important than ever for commerce sites to make usability with their billing forms as simple and engaging as possible. To that end, here are some simple usability tips for website billing forms to keep in mind:

  • Clarifying intent: There is no universal method here. Just remember that each field needs to be as clear and concise as possible. The user should never feel confused because that can quickly lead to them canceling the purchase altogether. Bigger typography, using labels instead of placeholders (or combining them), additional padding between the fields, and a customized tab index for simple navigation. Icons can also be great for demonstrating visuals where needed. Users should know exactly what’s going on with every form.
  • Customized Input Spacing: Use custom spacing to let people know they’re on the right track. Automatic tabs to the next field while typing a phone number is a good example. The most useful of these by far would be the four-digit spacing format for credit cards. Almost all of us have screwed up an online order at some point because we had to figure out the spacing on our own.
  • Simplifying Actions: Form lengths can vary from one commerce site to the other. If you have small forms, get around this by keeping everything on one page. For larger forms, use breadcrumbs to break up the steps.
  • Recapping the order: Hesitation can kill sales. You can kill hesitation in turn by giving everyone a chance to recap the order before they make their final purchase. We’re not saying you should copy Amazon exactly, but notice that they always let us review all aspects of our order, on a single page, before we confirm the order? It always gives us a nice peace of mind.

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